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Abdomen The segmented part of the body that is foled underneath the carapace, fitting into a depression in the sternum
Acuminate Tapering to a point
Antenna On the lower,anterior surface of the body one of the outer pair of very short appendages lying  
between the edge of the front and the buccal cavity
Antennule On the lower,anterior surface of the body,one of the inner pairs of very short appendages  
lying between the edges of the front and the buccal cavity; it lies folded inconspicuously in a  
Canaliculated Chanelled , grooved
Canthus The angle at the junction of eyelids
Carapace The crab's "shell",covering the dorsal and lateral parts of the body
Carinated Having a ridge or keel
Carpus The fifth segment from the proximal end of the chelipeds or an ambulatory
Chela The grasping ,distal portion of the claw of either of the two chelipeds
Costate Ribbed
Coxa The first segment of a cheliped or ambulatory
Dactyl The most distal segment ,the seventh,of a chelipad or ambulatory
Elliptical pertaining to oval
Endopodite Medial ramus of a biramous appendage
Epistome Upon mouth
Exognath Upon mouth  
Outer jaws
Front In the anterior part of the carapace ,middle section that projects  
forward and down between the orbits
Glabrous Hairless
Gonopad In males , one of the pair of anterior abdominal appendages, situated on the ventral , proximal part of the abdomen
Gonopore In females, one of the pair of genital openings
Gressorial Adapated for walking
Intercalated Inserted between others
Ischium On a maxilla, maxillipeds,chilped,or a ambulatory,the third segment form the proximal end
On the antero-vertual part of the carapace the lower edge of the orbit
On the dorsal part of the carapace, the portion of the side margins immediately behind the antero-lateral angle
Merus On a cheliped or ambulatory,the fourth segment from the proximal end
Orbit Elongate trenches on anterior part of carapace in which eyes talk and eye lie when not in use
Palm Inner surface of propodus of chela
prehensile Capable of grasping
Pterygostomian Anteroventral corner of border of carapace
Pubescent A group of short,thickly set setae,often occuring in patches on carapace and appendages;  
appearance reminiscent of velvet or fur
Rhomboidal A quadrilateral with its four sides equal
Sulcus Groove
Third maxilliped Outermost third pair of mouth part includes broad flat segments that fit closely on the buccal cavity
Tomemtum  Matted cottony protruberance 
Tuberculated Covered with protruberance or swelling
Vermiculated Marked with an appearance of worm tracks