I have great pleasure in releasing this CD-ROM on " Marine lignicolous fungi" . This is an outcome of the continuing efforts of the National Institute of Oceanography to survey, document and provide easy, electronic access to marine biodiversity, particularly of Indian waters. Further, this is in compliance with our mission statement " to continuously improve our understanding of the seas around us and to translate this knowledge to benefit all".

We are keenly aware that a great number of living species the world over await discovery. This is more so in the case of tropical regions. Studies on marine biodiversity hold immense scope for taxonomists, ecologists and biotechnologists alike. About 200 species of marine wood-degrading fungi are known from the world and the present CD furnishes information on 80 of these based on our original collections. Most images were captured electronically through a microscope and camera lucida sketches are provided when necessary.

We earnestly wish to expand the scope of this CD in future, by including data on species of marine lignicolous fungi from other parts of the world and also their geographical distribution. It is now well recognized that marine lignicolous fungi play an important role in degradation of wood in the sea and the food web in coastal waters. They might also hold a great promise in biotechnology.

We hope that marine biologists and marine mycologists who come across these organisms in their taxonomic, ecological and biotechnology studies will benefit from the use of this CD.


[E. Desa] 

Dona Paula

1 February 2000