Creation of database called. "NIO<92>s Database on Marine Life of India (NIODMLI)"; which collates information on  systematics, biology, ecology, biogeography, pollution, economy along with the information of Indian Experts working and the literature published about the biota available in marine and estuarine environment of India. NIODMLI has been identified and recognized by the United Nations Inter-Governmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) as "Inventory Database" in the field of marine biology.

      In order to collate the information on marine biology and biotechnology oriented activities in India, database called, "Indian National Database on Marine Biology and Biotechnology (INDMBB)" has been designed. It could provide the information about Indian Institutions and Experts in this field as well as information on projects, patents, seminars, workshops and conferences. It also compiles the Indian publications in the field of marine biology and biotechnology. Presently, data on 500 marine biologists and biotechnologists working in various (40) institutions of India is ready for dissemination.

      Developed by Devanand Kavlekar, NIO, Goa, INDIA