Our never ending quest for understanding the mystery of the nature, especially the mechanisms on which life is based on; has resulted into huge volume of data/information. Success of the accurate interpretation and prediction depends on the proper management and real-time dissemination of the information. Over the years, biologists and Biotechnologists are using different data management tools and techniques for collating and disseminating the available information. However, in recent past serious efforts has been put to formulate the methods, techniques for management of biological information - which has given birth to a new discipline called "BIOINFORMATICS".  

      Over the last decade "BIOINFORMATICS" has played major role in the development of biology and biotechnology research and development activities. Marine Biology is not an exception to that. Bioinformatics Centre at the National Institute of Oceanography, Goa which forms an integral part of the "Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISNET)" established by this department has been actively working in this direction. During the past this Centre published a compilation of life sciences and biotechnology information sources entitled,"Databases in Life Sciences and Biotechnology : A Directory". This effort has received  wide recognition from various international agencies and institutions.  

      Collation of marine living resources related information and the computer aided taxonomic identification system has remained a major emphasis of this Center. This has resulted into this CDROM product on "Marine Prawns of India" which forms the part of their "NIO's Databases on Marine Life of India (NIODMLI)'. Information about Indian Marine Prawns has been collated from various sources. This package also has a programme to identify any of the Indian marine prawn. This would ease the burden on taxonomists and would popularize the taxonomy. I am sure product of this nature would be beneficial to all academicians, researchers, students and planners.  

       I take this opportunity to congratulate and convey my appreciation to the staff of the Center whose painstaking and timely efforts are responsible for this extremely useful product. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors to provide value added information services to the biological and biotechnological community.  

[Dr. Manju Sharma]